Resonate’s children’s ministry offers children, grades preschool through 6th grade, the opportunity to worship and learn in a fun and safe environment. Additionally, we have a nursery program for children under the age of 3.

We meet in the new Resonate location and begin our Sunday mornings with prayer.

1st through 6th grade kids go over to the theater to enjoy a worship time with the adults. They then return for a discussion of current life integreties and how to handle those tough decisions your child has to make daily, based on The Word of God. Some of the topics we talk about are forgiveness, responsibility, acceptance, choices, love, fear, and anger. Along with those topics, the kids learn about the people and stories of the Bible and Biblical Truths. These lessons are reinforced with object lessons, class discussion and hands on projects.

Preschool/Kindergarten kids remain in the Cross Fit building for a morning of prayer, music worship, Biblical lessons and hands-on projects. We also include a Biblical based video occasionally.

Nursery is for ages infant through 2 1/2 – 3; These children have an opportunity for free play as well as some Bible based songs, occasional story or puppet presentation, a small amount of coloring and an occasional video.

The Children’s Ministry welcomes new volunteers who would like to find joy and blessings in being a part of a child’s spiritual growth. If you would like to join us once every 4 weeks please contact Peggy Batton, 503-410-4987.